Circle Star K

Horse Breeding, Training, Riding and Rescue                                 

Introduction to Horses

Circle Star K offers a safe environment for people to interact, learn and care for horses.  Our focus is on the new/prospective horse owner.  You may already have a horse and want to learn what to do with it or you may be thinking about getting a horse and do not know where to go to learn what to expect or do with the horse if and when you get it.  There is so much to learn and as my High School Chemistry teacher, Mr. Ward always said, "the more you know, the more you don't know" definitely holds true in the horse industry. 

 What kind of horse should I buy?  Can I start with a younger horse?  How does the bit go in?  Which way does the halter go to put it on?  What is the mean looking metal curry comb for?   These are all questions you can confidently ask and will be able to receive an answer to.  By the way, the answer is not always no to buying young green horse for a new/green horse owner.  It depends on you.


 2020 E. Eseco, Cushing, OK  74023                                                                                                                                                  918-346-1571